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Issue 26 of Clish Clash can now be downloaded from

 The distribution of Scottish Local History issue 99 (Spring 2018) is delayed because of problems at the printers. They anticipate that it will be mailed in late January. Looking forward, number 100 (Summer 2018) will be a special celebratory issue in full colour. Distribution is planned for early April.

Meanwhile, remember, back copies of this interesting magazine can be borrowed, by members, from the back table at each meeting

The SLHF Annual Conference and AGM will be held at the AK Bell Library in Perth on Thursday 25th October.The programme is in preparation, and will be announced later in the year. The theme is After the War was Over, the legacy and consequences around Scotland of World War I.


Convict Transportation to Australia from Dumfries and Galloway (1787-1869) and my Convict Ancestors.

The January meeting of the Kirkcudbright History Society was opened by Chair Mike Duguid with reference to the fact that the Society has lost three founder members who have died recently. Ian Devlin, Adam Gray and Billy McKeand all contributed in their own individual styles to the recording of local history. They will all be missed and he sent the Society’s condolences to their families.

Professor Donald Cowell was then introduced as that night’s speaker. A member of the society he is always a popular speaker which was reflected in the record breaking audience numbers.

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