A new trail has been developed for the South of Scotland

The following extract is from their website.

“The Merlin Trail combines history, archaeology, etymology, topography, botany and folk memory to reveal a forgotten world.  The Trail presents the evidence and challenges you to play detective.  What is fact and what is legend?  Follow the clues. Examine the sites. Arrive at your own conclusions. Discover the world of Merlin – a Scottish landscape of dense forests and subsistence farming, of powerful clans ruled by warriors and warlords, where itinerant druids and traditional gods are being challenged by new beliefs and international travel and trade is opening contact with distant places and peoples”.

There are several sections in the trail with four themes. The first section is based on our area. It looks at the coming and spread of Christianity and the colonisation of Galloway by the powerful Briton chiefdom of Rheged until it fell to the Angle conquest early in the 6th century.

More about the trail and activities can be found on