Solway Coastwise

Solway Coastwise is a project that is discovering coastal place names and the stories behind them.  Locals are encouraged to share the inspirational Dumfries and Galloway coastline through activities, events, electronic and printed media.

The Dumfries and Galloway coast has a wonderful variety of features, both natural and man-made. Cliffs, creeks, lighthouses and beaches contribute towards a fascinating array of names, all affording the prospect of finding out more about local traditions, environment, histories and relationships between communities and the sea.

Torrs Cave. Photograph D R Collin

Solway Coastwise has produced a NEW CAVES AND GRAVES GUIDE, an introduction to some of the stories that have inspired place names along the Dumfries and Galloway coast

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Nic Coombey

Phone: (01387) 702363

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Morag Walker

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