“Whithorn Story Street”

The video “Whithorn Story Street” was commissioned by the Whithorn Trust and made by the Whithorn Trust Young Filmmakers’ group, with instruction, guidance and editing from Urbancroft Films.

The Whithorn Business Association has worked with the group for a couple of years, starting with the (award winning) Dig TV project when they were a few years younger ! Then they made some short historical drama films for the Whithorn Trust site, relating to the buildings and history.

This time, they had much more creative freedom to choose research topics and conduct interviews, as well as filming themselves.

The filming is all theirs, though the editing was by Urbancroft Films.

Funding was received to do this from, among others Holywood Trust

With thanks to Julia Muir Watt

The Development Manager at The Whithorn Trust.


Please click on the link to view this video.